Liberty Hospital Tax Credit/Refund

As a resident who lives within the boundaries of the New Liberty Hospital District, a small amount of the property taxes you pay every year helps fund Liberty Hospital services and equipment. The amount of the tax is listed on your annual Clay County Personal Property Tax Statement and if you are a home owner, your Clay County Real Estate Tax Statement forms.  The amount is listed next to “Hospital Tax.”

Whenever you use Liberty Hospital and you have an “out-of- pocket” or “patient- pay” portion of your bill, you can receive a credit or reduction to your bill for this “out-of- pocket” or “patient-pay portion” up to the amount of taxes you paid, if the tax is equal to or less than the “out-of-pocket” or patient- pay portion.” 

In order to receive that credit or reduction to your bill, or to receive a refund if you already paid the “out-of-pocket” or “patient-pay” portion of your bill, bring your paid tax receipt to our cashier, located at the hospital, and the hospital gladly will process the credit or refund. If the credit is not used in total for one date of service, any balance may be applied to additional services provided.

Since taxes usually are paid at the end of a calendar year, the hospital will apply the credit or refund for services provided the year following the tax year. As a result, your 2014 taxes could be used to reduce your “out-of-pocket” expense for hospital services rendered in 2015. Your most recent taxes for 2015 could be used to reduce your out-of-pocket hospital services rendered in 2016. Potential tax credits do not “roll forward” or accumulate if you do not have “out-of-pocket” amounts in one year.

The above does not apply to physicians practicing at Liberty Hospital, the Liberty Hospital clinics, Liberty Hospital Urgent Care Shoal Creek, some labs and other services provided and billed by independent providers.

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