Nurse Residency Program

The Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency Program is provided in partnership with the nationally recognized Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program. This is a one-year educational, support program for new graduate nurses who will be working at the bedside. The program provides regular communication with expert nurses, peers and educators as the new graduate nurse transitions from a student to a professional nurse.

How is support provided? Why is it needed?
The Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency program curriculum has been developed by experts from academic medical centers and schools of nursing across the country. The residency features core content in three primary areas: Leadership, Patient Outcomes and Professional Roles.

• Liberty Hospital Nurse Residents are assigned to an education/support group led by expert nurse educators during his/her first year in practice.
• Residents meet monthly in an all-day workshop.
• All residency time is scheduled, paid time and included in the workweek.
• Residents will contribute to a culture of evidence-based practice (EBP) by participating in a EBP project with poster presentation focused on improving patient care at the bedside.

How does the Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency program help you become a better nurse?
• Provides the building blocks for a strong foundation to enhance your nursing career;
• Assists you in making the best bedside clinical decisions;
• Helps you better organize and prioritize patient care;
• Facilitates effective communication;
• Helps you gain confidence and autonomy.

What are the expectations of new BSN graduates at Liberty Hospital?
• Attend the monthly residency workshops, which are prescheduled, paid work time;
• Complete the evidence-based-practice project and present at the graduation ceremony

Save the Date The Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency Program will include two cohorts of nurses each year: one begins in April and the one begins in August.

Who is eligible for the Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency Program? All new graduate nurses who have graduated from an accredited nursing program within the previous six months.

If I am an experienced nurse, should I apply for this program?
No, this program is designed for new graduate nurses who are beginning their first clinical practice.

What is the commitment for this program?
The program is one year in length with a one-year work commitment at Liberty Hospital. There is one workshop per month for the resident to attend.

Are the classes/sessions in addition to my everyday work load? Do I get paid? The residency classes/sessions are part of your regular workload and you are paid.

How much am I paid? You are paid the standard rate for a nurse.

Am I hired to a specific unit? Most nurse residents are hired by a manager for a specific unit.

How do I apply? You may apply online here. Once you select Nursing under job category, you will see Staff Nurse (Graduate Nurse) openings.

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