Walking trail

Liberty Hospital offers a beautiful paved walking trail, located on the east side of the hospital campus. At 8 feet wide, the walking trail is wheelchair accessible and gives visitors the freedom to walk the path of their choice. Although two paths are marked with distance markers every tenth of a mile, many like to stroll as they look at the beautiful trees, flowers and simplicity of nature.

The walking trail has several unique features. At the northernmost end of the trail, amid flowering trees and perennial gardens, is the beautiful Garnett M. Peters III garden arbor. Under the arbor is a path constructed of bricks that may be inscribed in honor or in memory of friends and family. If you would like to purchase a brick, please contact the Foundation office at 816.792.7014.

Another feature of the walking trail is the infant memorial. The memorial is located near a grove of trees that provides quiet and solitude. This area can be used by parents and family members as a memorial. If desired, the Liberty Hospital Chaplain can accompany a family to the memorial.

The walking trail was funded by the Liberty Hospital Foundation and opened in 1996. Today, it is frequently used by members of the community, hospital visitors and employees as a quiet getaway.

Hospital visitors, employees and the community at large are welcome to take a quiet break and enjoy nature's smells and sounds.

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