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NEW: Liberty Hospital Health Connect Tele-Health System

Succeed in caring for your health with the immediate communication of the Liberty Hospital Health Connect Tele-Health System!

Patients with chronic health conditions will benefit from steadily reporting his/her daily progress, signs and symptoms. Each patient’s input information is sent directly over a secured phone line to his/her healthcare professional team. The patient’s input data is reviewed by the tele-health system and sent to the healthcare professional best able to attend to the immediate needs of the patient, regarding changes in medication or treatment plan.

Experience the real benefits of Liberty Hospital Health Connect Tele-Health Monitoring

  • Keep up with vital health data
  • Correspond with your caregiver
  • Receive individual attention regarding your progress
  • Observe trends in health status related to daily activity
  • Possibly avoid unneeded trips to the emergency room.
  • Enhance your independence in the comfort of your home with the peace of mind that your caregiver will be kept up-to-date

Tele-health can aid patients with a variety of illnesses, including:

  • Heart failure
  • COPD
  • Hypertension

Ease of Use: Only a few minutes of the day are needed to follow the clear, calm voice prompts to complete your daily health check.

Speak to your Liberty Hospital healthcare professional about the advantages of using home telemonitoring in your health regimen.

Liberty Hospital's home health can provide the skilled medical attention you need in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of your home.

Our home health program is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and has received outstanding state and Medicare survey reports.

Care is individualized for each patient and coordinated with your chosen physicians. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Registered nursing: A registered nurse can provide services such as diabetic care, ostomy care, IV infusions and telemonitoring.
  • Physical therapy: A physical therapist can provide ambulation and mobility training, exercise and pain management.
  • Occupational therapy: An occupational therapist can help guide the patient in self-care and teach the patient how to live with a disability. They also can recommend adaptive equipment.
  • Speech therapy: A speech therapist can help with speaking, listening, swallowing, and reading and writing skills.
  • Home health aide: A home health aide can assist with personal hygiene.
  • Social service: A social worker can help the patient connect with community resources that may be available.
  • Dietary: A dietitian can assist with special diets and meal planning.

Together, these services provide a specialized level of care in the comfort of your home. They will help you manage symptoms at home to avoid re-hospitalization. A nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Home health is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies. Financial counseling is available, and no person is refused services based on ability to pay. Referrals may be made by the patient, family, physician, social worker or other health care professional and must be approved by the patient’s physician.

When hospital care isn't needed, there's no place like home. Our home health program offers in-home nursing services as well as speech, physical and occupational therapy.

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