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Liberty Hospital offers the only pediatric unit in the Northland, where the staff is specially trained to help ease children’s and parents’ fears. The unit cares for children with a variety of health problems, including broken bones; anterior cruciate ligament repairs; respiratory problems such as asthma, RSV and pneumonia; minor surgeries; and even young trauma patients once they have been stabilized.

Physician specialties include pediatrics, family practice and internal medicine/pediatrics.

The facilities

The pediatric unit features private rooms, with large windows to let natural light in. The rooms include sleeper benches, and parents are welcome to stay overnight with their child.

The unit also features a well-stocked playroom, which has a library of children’s books, toys, board games and puzzles. For older patients, there is a PlayStation 2, a DVD/VCR player and a wide selection of movies.

Security is a top priority in our pediatric unit. The unit remains locked 24 hours a day. Visitors must request permission from a member of the nursing staff in order to enter.


The staff at Liberty Hospital has special training in meeting the needs of the children we care for—from the unique pediatric medicines to the training needed to use pediatric equipment.

Board-certified pediatricians and family practice physicians, who are members of the Liberty Hospital medical staff, oversee each child’s medical care.

Our pediatric unit—the only one in the Northland—is staffed by medical professionals who specialize in child care. The unit also features a playroom with toys, books and puzzles.

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