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Employee shares Dot Day experience

'Just make a mark and see where it takes you.'

This line is the object of the children’s book that Lead Radiology Assistant Christian Farabee uses to fuel annual creative art projects. This year, staff from across the organization “made their mark” by participating in a Dot Day project.

“Each dot on a canvas represents someone in our organization,” she said. “The project was met with so much joy from people feeling included that I just kept going for several days.”

She started these projects while working at an elementary school. “Each year, my students and I read The Dot and planned a project," she said. "It was a great way to work as a team to create something that everyone contributed toward. When I came here, I wanted to bring that sense of fun and community with me.

"It’s a beautiful thing to witness the magic when we, as individuals, create something larger than ourselves working together. It’s something that takes place every day all over our hospital. This simply highlights a single moment of that collaboration in a creative way.”