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Nurse residency program

The Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency Program is a one-year educational and support program for new graduate nurses who will be working at the bedside. The program provides regular communication with expert nurses, peers and educators as the new graduate nurse transitions from a student to a professional nurse.

Who is eligible for the Liberty Hospital Nurse Residency Program?

All new graduate nurses who have graduated from an accredited nursing program within the previous six months.

What is the commitment for this program?

The program is one year in length with a one-year work commitment at Liberty Hospital, beginning with the first residency session.

When does the program begin?

Applications/interviews for the April cohort will begin in September (prior to winter graduations) and applications/interviews for the August cohort will begin in January (prior to spring graduations).

What are the expectations of new graduates at Liberty Hospital?

  • Attend the monthly residency workshops, which are prescheduled, paid work time
  • Participation in evidence-based project work completed during the program
  • Attend the graduation ceremony

Highlights of our program

  • Monthly sessions incorporate content in three primary areas- Leadership, Patient Outcomes and Professional Roles
  • Facilitates effective communication skills
  • Helps you gain confidence and autonomy in clinical practice
  • Enhances effective decision-making skills, clinical judgement and increases critical thinking skills
  • Provides building blocks for a strong foundation to enhance your nursing career

How do I apply?

You may apply online. Once you select Nursing under job category, you will see Staff Nurse (Graduate Nurse) openings.