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After the Lights: The only Friday night sports injury clinic in the Northland

Community news | Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Contact: Mindy Warner

LIBERTY, MO (Aug. 10, 2020) – Athletes who get hurt playing a Friday night sport will have a Northland option for immediate healthcare: After the Lights, a Friday night clinic offered at Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine, 398 N. Blue Jay Drive in Liberty (behind Dick’s Sporting Goods). The only clinic of its kind in the Northland, After the Lights will be offered 9-11 p.m. every Friday night, beginning with the first football games of the season. Injured athletes will see a provider without going through an emergency department or waiting until Monday.

“Any injury that raises a concern and a parent or a coach thinks the athlete needs to be evaluated, bring him or her to the clinic,” said Ryan Snyder, MD, clinic medical director and a surgeon with MU Orthopaedics at Liberty Hospital.

Digital X-ray services are available at the clinic, and, if needed, an MRI can be performed at Liberty Hospital. “It’s a nice option for families to see someone who has the ability and training to manage an athlete’s injury,” Dr. Snyder said.

Not only does the athlete receive care the night of the injury, he or she also will leave the clinic with a plan for recovery, according to Sharla Leon, MS, SLP-CCC, director of Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine.

“We can start the recovery process sooner by fast-tracking athletes who come to the After the Lights clinic,” she said. “We can fit them with crutches or knee braces, if necessary, and when they leave, they will know what follow-up is needed.”

Providers from MU Orthopaedics, Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine and The Liberty Clinic will operate the clinic. Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine will offer Monday appointments for physical therapy ordered after a visit to the After the Lights clinic.

“This program will help us take care of our kids in our community,” Leon said. “They will start their recovery process faster so they can get back to their sport.”

After the Lights is open to all athletes who participate in any sport or activity. Signs that an athlete may need to be evaluated immediately include joint swelling, difficulty moving and failing to bear weight.