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Breast Care Center at Liberty Hospital introduces ultrafast breast MRI

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Breast Care Center at Liberty Hospital recently introduced an ultrafast MRI sequence that provides average-risk women who would benefit from supplemental screening with an affordable alternative to a full-length MRI. The brief 11-minute exam complements – not replaces – a mammogram and has been shown to detect breast cancers with a high degree of accuracy.

“We know that MRI finds more cancers than mammograms alone, and the introduction of the ultrafast breast MRI protocol provides an affordable option for women who want supplemental screening but must pay for it themselves,” said Amy Patel, MD, medical director of the Breast Care Center.

Abbreviated, or ultrafast, MRI can capture early breast cancers and is a particularly good option for women with dense breast tissue. According to the National Institutes of Health, abbreviated MRI is an emerging technique that may represent a potential answer to the shortcomings of mammographic screening by minimizing over-diagnosis and maximizing accuracy.

“Ultrafast breast MRI is an affordable option for average risk women who do not qualify for a full, conventional MRI but would benefit from additional screening and must cover the cost out-of-pocket,” Dr. Patel said. “It is important to remember that 75% of women with breast cancer do not have a family history, and having dense breast tissue increases your risk of developing breast cancer.”

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