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Three receive specialty Parkinson's treatment certification

Hospital news | Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Contact: Mindy Warner

Two physical therapists and one speech pathologist with Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine have received specialty certifications in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's Disease. Debra Hohn, DPT, and Suzanne McCoy, RPT, now are LSVT BIG certified, and Courtney Ivy, SLP-CCC, is LSVT LOUD certified.

LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson Disease to use their body more normally. The treatment improves walking, self-care and other tasks by helping people recalibrate their movements.

An effective speech treatment, LSVT LOUD trains people with Parkinson's to use their voice at a more normal loudness level while speaking.

Named for Lee Silverman (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment), a woman living with Parkinson's, it was developed by Dr. Lorraine Ramig and has been studied for more than 25 years with support from the National Institute for Deafness and other Communication Disorders within the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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