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Community Health Assessment

The Community Health Assessment provides a detailed view of the health need, health status, behaviors and perceptions of residents within our area. It is conducted every three years by an outside consultant and made available through the Northland Health Alliance.


Liberty Hospital 2022 Community Health Implementation Plan

  • The CHA serves as the foundation for Liberty Hospital's community health improvement efforts for the next three years.
  • Liberty Hospital completed an implementation plan in partnership with the Northland Health Alliance that was adopted by the hospital board of trustees in fiscal year 2022.
  • The three-year implementation plan connects hospital, community partners, clinicians and other resources with identified health needs.
  • Liberty Hospital aligns health priorities with the areas of greatest identified need and considers where the hospital’s resources will generate the greatest impact.

NOTE: This report previously was called the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

To request a printed version of these documents, contact the compliance officer at Liberty Hospital.