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Here, we grow.

Embarking on our journey toward growth and expansion

May 31, 2023

As we reported in early May, we’ve charted the path for our partnership exploration for growth – and now we are officially beginning our collaboration with potential partners. Our Board of Trustees approved a final list of 30 health systems and a timeline for next steps.

Following receipt of confidentiality agreements, this week we began sending official invitations to engage in this exploration and providing access to detailed information about the process, the organization and our objectives. All organizations that choose to respond to our request will complete their initial proposals within the next six weeks.

From there, we will assess each proposal and begin narrowing our search based on the best match for our organization and our vision of growing alongside our expanding Northland communities. We look forward to what’s ahead and sharing more updates as the journey progresses in the coming months. Here, we grow!

"Today, Liberty Hospital reached an early milestone, and our collaborative exploration has officially begun. We know this will be an insightful journey that uncovers the right path forward for our hospital, employees and communities."

Dennis Carter
Chair, Liberty Hospital Board of Trustees

Be sure to follow our journey online – we look forward to sharing frequent updates with you!

Charting our course as the Northland’s premier provider of health and well-being

May 2, 2023

From new care settings and payment models to consumer preferences, research, technology and more, healthcare is changing rapidly. At the center of this transformation is a healthier future for all of us – and at Liberty Hospital, we are on a mission to bring that healthier future to the Northland.

As such, our Board of Trustees and leadership team are always evaluating strategic growth opportunities for our organization. During the next few days, we will begin reaching out to more than 30 local, regional and national health systems to discuss potential partnership opportunities that could further our vision for growth. Partnerships are not new to us, and we are ready to chart a new course to further strengthen the breadth and depth of our services.

Whether we ultimately decide to remain a single hospital system or partner with a larger organization, we are leading this thoughtful, inclusive exploration from a position of strength. We have engaged expert consultants to assist in our process and final decision, which we expect to conclude later this year. Dr. Raghu Adiga, our President and CEO, explains more in the following video:

CEO Raghu Adiga, MD, on Liberty Hospital’s Partnership Exploration

Making better healthcare possible for you, and because of you.

To our patients and communities: The healthcare you receive from us will not be disrupted – only enhanced. We are committed to bringing you expanded care options as we grow in size and scope to meet your needs.

To our employees: As we explore and evaluate potential partners, our goal is to ensure a pathway that supports and enhances opportunities for you. This is about growth, and it will take all of us to serve the healthcare needs of those living in and around the Northland.

Becoming a top destination for health and wellness in the Northland.

The Northland is a vibrant, thriving community. We are fortunate to serve some of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Working in tandem with the right partner, we will grow into our full potential as a leading driver of healthy populations.

The best healthcare is local, so rest assured, community involvement and local oversight are key priorities for us. We are committed to our longstanding legacy of addressing the health needs unique to the people we serve. Here, we grow.

"Liberty Hospital has been delivering healthcare to the Northland for nearly 50 years. We have an opportunity to position our organization for growth and to connect people to high-quality healthcare for the next 50 years and beyond."

Dennis Carter
Chair, Liberty Hospital Board of Trustees

Be sure to follow our journey online – we look forward to sharing frequent updates with you!