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COVID-19 & Vaccine Updates: See visitor policy, coronavirus test price, FAQ and more

Liberty Hospital and its clinics do not yet have vaccines available for the next phase of the state’s vaccination plan. A wait list is not available at this time. Please check back frequently for updated information or call 816.415.3250. For vaccine Q&A, click here.

Celebrate safely

The following safety recommendations are provided by Raghu Adiga, MD
Liberty Hospital Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease Specialist

Virtual gatherings are the safest option. Use Zoom or other online program so everyone can visit from the safety of their own homes.

If planning to gather in person, take these precautions:

  • Skip restaurants, bars, gyms, church, get-togethers, etc.
  • Do grocery delivery and restaurant carry outs.
  • See if kids can learn virtually and opt out of high risk or contact sports.
  • At work, exercise maximal safety precautions, including eating alone.

Limit the number of households (“family bubbles”) to no more than four, depending on space. Be sure to check your local restrictions on gatherings. Clay County's order is here.

  • Different households travel separately.
  • Gather outdoors, if weather permits.
  • Wear masks indoors except while eating/drinking for brief periods.
  • Sanitize hands before touching common items or have one person serve.

Seating for dinner:

  • Keep households in their own "bubbles" and 6 feet apart from other bubbles.
  • Keep the visit short. Consider postponing the post-meal football watching or libations to 2021.

If people will be staying overnight, focus on keeping everyone at least 6 feet apart at all times, especially when not wearing masks. Consider encouraging guests to stay in hotels.

Pre-holiday COVID testing: Testing is not recommended because it can give an unreasonable false sense of security. The results likely are not dependable the day after the test. It also takes a test away from someone who truly needs it.