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COVID-19: See visitor policy, FAQ and more

COVID & Vaccine

The vaccine is widely available throughout the area. To find locations, visit Clay County Public Health Center's Where to Get Vaccinated page for a list of local vaccinators.

See vaccine Q&A


The ongoing safety of patients, caregivers and our community remains our top priority. Interim visitor guidelines have been implemented to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. These guidelines apply to people who are not hospital caregivers and employees, affiliated providers, or patients/individuals seeking care or services for themselves.

Visitor Policy (8/29/22)

The Missouri Compassionate Care Visitation Act is now in effect and applies to hospital visitor policies UNLESS a state of emergency has been declared. At such time, this policy will be updated.

WEAR A MASK All visitors are encouraged to wear a CDC-recommended mask instead of cloth masks. These masks are available at hospital entrances. Other PPE will be provided if needed.


  • Must be free of COVID symptoms/exposure
  • No age restrictions (except ICU)
  • No pet visits. Service animals allowed. See policy.

Non-COVID patients may have unlimited healthy visitors anytime (except ICU)

COVID patients (or those with any signs/symptoms of a transmissible disease) may have:

  • Two healthy visitors simultaneously per day for at minimum six hours.
  • Visitors may leave and return.
  • The visitor(s) must wear specific protective equipment as determined by the healthcare team.
  • For specific questions about the Birthing Center, call 816.792.7229.

Virtual visits If a patient needs a device (e.g., smartphone or tablet), please ask the patient care team, so we may help you with devices and technical support.