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Birthing Center COVID Policy

What you need to know about COVID and your admission at Liberty Hospital:

What can you do to decrease your risk of COVID-19 and testing positive for COVID-19 on admission:

  • In the last weeks of your pregnancy, you can limit your exposure to COVID-19 by:
    • Avoiding large gatherings
    • Limiting unnecessary travel using public transportation
    • Wear a mask when in public places
    • Practice good hand washing
    • Social distance if in a crowd with individuals outside of your household
  • If you test POSITIVE for COVID-19 prior to your delivery:
    • If done with a home test, please call your OB doctor the same day you completed your test and notify them.
    • If done at an outside clinic or testing center, please bring a copy of your positive test to your next prenatal appointment.
  • If you start to experience COVID symptoms again, please test yourself. If you test positive please notify your OB provider.
  • If you test positive for COVID, please isolate.

What to expect when you arrive to Liberty hospital:

COVID-negative patients:

  • Masking is required for all patients and support persons during the entirety of the admission.
  • Patients actively in labor are not required to wear a mask.
  • Birthing Center patients: Please see the hospital visitor policy here.

COVID-positive patients:

  • Allowed one support person during entirety of stay.
  • No additional visitors will be allowed.
  • Masking is required during your entire stay.
  • Non-critically-ill newborns: May room in with mom and support person.
  • Critically-ill newborns requiring admission to special-care nursery: COVID-positive mother and exposed support person will not be allowed in the special care nursery until her isolation period is complete. The newborn’s parents may appoint a healthy non-household non-exposed visitor who will be allowed in the special care nursery.