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Need help with medical bills?

We offer three options to assist patients with expenses related to their healthcare.

Payment plan

To help with out-of-pocket medical costs, the hospital and clinics offer a zero interest, no credit check monthly payment plan option. Find out more about the Clear Balance patient financing program here or by calling 816.792.7110.


Some hospital and clinic patients may qualify for benefits up to 90 days from date of service. Benefits may include Medicaid, Social Security or other federal/state/county programs, including those for victims of crime. To see if you qualify, complete your no obligation screening here.


Hospital patients may apply for financial assistance up to 240 days from the date of the first statement. Details and application available below or call 816.792.7110.

How is financial assistance determined?

Financial assistance is based on need and determined by Federal Poverty Levels, which includes income, number of family members and assets. Financial need does not consider age, gender, race, social, or immigrant status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.


To apply for financial assistance, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application and collect supporting documentation. To request a free application be mailed to you, call 816.407.4861 or print out an application below. Income documentation will be requested with your application.

English application

Espanol aplicación

How to apply

  • By phone - Speak to a customer service representative any time Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST at 816.792.7110.
  • By fax - Fax your completed application along with your supporting documentation to our secure fax line at 816.792.7296 ATTN: Financial Assistance.
  • In person - Visit your financial counselor, located in Patient Registration.
  • By mail - Send your completed application along with your supporting documentation to:

Liberty Hospital
ATTN: Financial Assistance
2525 Glenn Hendren Drive
Liberty, MO 64068

Physicians and offices that honor Liberty Hospital Financial Assistance Policy

Review the list of physicians and offices to determine if your doctor is covered under Liberty Hospital Financial Assistance Policy. You will then contact and inform them that you received a discount if you were approved. They will require a copy of your approval letter.

  • If you were seen in the Emergency Department, the physician who treated you will also send you a separate bill for their services. Liberty Hospital Emergency Medicine Physicians, LLC (877.342.7261) honors the charity discount.
  • If you were seen for a radiology test, the radiologist who read your results will also send you a separate bill for their services. Alliance Radiology (855.410.3198) honors the charity discount.
  • If you received lab work, the pathologist who handled your lab will also send you a separate bill for their services. MAWD (866.932.6216) honors the charity discount.
  • If you were admitted into the hospital, some of your physicians who treated you may cover the discount charity. You will want to contact the Central Billing Office (816.407.4200) to determine if your physician is covered.

What happens if I have a catastrophic medical event?

In situations such as serious medical illnesses or accidents requiring costly treatment, patients who might normally not qualify for financial assistance may be approved for partial assistance.

If you qualify, your responsibility will be whichever is lower:

  • 25% of your yearly household income.
  • The amount a patient with insurance/Medicare would generally be billed.

View the complete Financial Assistance Policy in English, Arabic, German, Spanish or Vietnamese.