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COVID-19 & Vaccine Updates: See visitor policy, coronavirus test price, FAQ and more

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NEW: We are making improvements to our billing process in March. If you are paying a bill from the HOSPITAL or CLINICS, there now is ONE button below.

You also can pay your Liberty Hospital bill:

COVID-19 Update (10-21-20)

We understand you may be experiencing financial hardships at this time. In our effort to maintain our commitment to putting patients first, we have implemented the following changes to our normal billing and collection practices for all patients during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • We will continue to send statements via mail and email on the normal schedule.
  • For patients currently on a 12 month or shorter payment plan who are impacted by COVID-19, please contact 816.792.7110: choose prompt 1 twice to request an extension, if needed.
  • Patients enrolled in our Commerce HSF Loan program who are directly affected by COVID-19 because they or a family member are sick, they have been quarantined without pay, or they have lost their job as a result of the pandemic may contact our Customer Care Center to request assistance by calling toll free 855.893.1292.
  • Liberty Hospital is participating with the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) COVID-19 Uninsured Program. For health insurance and HRSA reimbursement details related to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment, please click here.

Learn about a new consumer guide from American Hospital Association that helps patients avoid surprises on their medical bills.