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COVID-19: See visitor policy, FAQ and more

Visitor policy

WEAR A MASK. Masks are available at entrances.

The Missouri Compassionate Care Visitation Act is now in effect and applies to hospital visitor policies UNLESS a state of emergency has been declared. At such time, this policy will be updated.

WEAR A MASK All visitors are encouraged to wear a CDC-recommended mask instead of cloth masks. These masks are available at hospital entrances. Other PPE will be provided if needed.


  • Must be free of COVID symptoms/exposure
  • No age restrictions (except ICU)
  • No pet visits. Service animals allowed. See policy.

Non-COVID patients may have unlimited healthy visitors anytime (except ICU)

COVID patients (or those with any signs/symptoms of a transmissible disease) may have:

  • Two healthy visitors simultaneously per day for at minimum six hours.
  • Visitors may leave and return.
  • The visitor(s) must wear specific protective equipment as determined by the healthcare team.
  • For specific questions about the Birthing Center, call 816.792.7229.

Virtual visits If a patient needs a device (e.g., smartphone or tablet), please ask the patient care team, so we may help you with devices and technical support.

Smoking policy

Liberty Hospital’s entire campus is tobacco-free and vaping-free inside and out. All patients, visitors, employees and physicians must leave the Liberty Hospital campus in order to smoke or vape.


Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing gifts, including food or drink, to patients. Please check with the nurse to make sure your gift is appropriate. On the intensive care unit, please check with the unit nurse regarding gifts or flowers for the patient.

No latex policy

Due to latex-related allergies in some of our patients and staff members, Liberty Hospital has adopted a latex-free guideline for all areas of the hospital. As part of this guideline, the hospital does not accept latex balloons for patients, their family members or hospital staff.