Robotic Lung Surgery

Liberty Hospital offers a trained surgical team for robotic lung surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System.

Benefits of this minimally invasive surgery include:

  • reduced chest tube duration
  • lower risk of complications and wound infections
  • less blood loss
  • less pain
  • shorter hospital stay

Robotic patients leave the hospital sooner with less pain and return to work or chemotherapy sessions sooner as compared to open-surgery patients. The outcomes are better than standard open procedures, and there is much less trauma to the body. Robotic surgery is associated with a 70-percent lower risk of overall post-op complications.

"The surgery went great, but probably the most important thing to me was that I could lift my 15-month-old baby as soon as I went home - with no restrictions." - Jordan Adkins, 25, who had a lemon-sized mass removed from his chest

"I'm so lucky Dr. (Michael) Gibson could do my surgery using the robot. If I had had an open surgery, I would have been hospitalized for a week or more. It was absolutely amazing!" - Margaret Crain, who had a tumor and part of a lung removed along with several lymph nodes

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