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Athletic training

Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine is the premier provider of Athletic Trainers for school districts in the Northland and William Jewell College. For information on how your school can partner with our athletic training services, call 816.407.2322. Our athletic trainers cover a wide variety of events, including practices, games, tournaments and community events.

Having a full-time athletic trainer takes a ton of pressure off the coaches. When an athlete gets hurt, we can send them to the trainer and know they are getting the attention they need. Coaches are not certified trainers; it is not our area of expertise, so having the ability to send our players to the trainers and know they are in good hands is beneficial to both the athlete and the coach. The other benefit is it takes the liability and pressure off a coach because the trainer determines when an injured athlete can return - not the coach. I have been very blessed to have some great athletic trainers work with our teams, and I am very thankful! - Greg Jones, Head Football and Strength Coach, Liberty North High School

Back-to-Athletics injury screenings

  • Provide injury assessment for any injury sustained by athletes of all ages.
  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation for athletic injuries.
  • Assist the athlete by providing medical direction (i.e. recommending a visit to a physician or orthopedic specialist) for the injury.
  • Great service for those who have high-deductible insurance policies.
  • Services are available for physical therapy patients who no longer are eligible or qualify for physical therapy due to insurance constraints.

Services are $25 per visit (can pay by cash, check or credit card). For more information, call 816.407.2322.

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Athletic training services

At the facility, the certified athletic trainers provide fee-for-service injury screens for athletes of all ages and therapy services for individuals with insurance limitations, and they assist with our Concussion Management Program.

Concussion Management Program

Our certified athletic trainers are trained in concussion management and provide services in the Concussion Management Program. Our athletic trainers also having training in ImPACT testing. Get more details about our Concussion Management Program.