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Though bones are the hardest tissues in your body, an excess of pressure or force can break (fracture) them. Fractures can range from hairline cracks, which may be treated by splinting or casting, to more complex fractures with multiple breaks, which may require surgery to help in the healing process.

Our surgeons are affiliated with Liberty Hospital's Level II Trauma Center, which means we are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive orthopaedic care for traumatic injuries such as broken bones, pelvic fractures, compound fractures, and other types of fractures.

Depending upon the location and severity of your fracture, our comprehensive orthopaedic trauma care includes:

  • Nonsurgical treatment including braces, splints, and casts to stabilize the fracture
  • Minor surgery using pins, plates, wires, and/or screws to stabilize the bone
  • Complex surgery including bone grafting, reconstruction, and limb lengthening for severe injuries

Our team also includes a post-fracture care and recovery plan to help restore your area of injury to its original condition and prevent stiffness and atrophy of the joints, ligaments, and muscles surrounding the fractured area.