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Liberty Hospital is providing overhand throwing athletes with a unique opportunity to improve their throwing performance and decrease their potential for injury.  Part one of our program starts with a full body physical limitation checklist to identify ROM, strength, posture and balance deficits that may be hindering an athlete’s ability to reach their maximal potential.  Part two, utilizes the experience of former collegiate baseball players to analyze throwing mechanics using motion analysis software.

Addressing both the physical and mechanical faults can provide a throwing athlete with a more efficient throwing pattern.  This allows the thrower to utilize core muscles more effectively to produce velocity when throwing with less strain to the thrower’s arm and body. 

Initial Visit (90 minute session for $150)

  • Identification of muscle weakness, ROM restriction, and postural deficits which can impact throwing
  • Throwing analysis using motion analysis software to identify throwing faults
  • Instruction in an individualized home exercise program
  • Instruction in an interval throwing program

Individual Throwing Sessions (60 minutes for $80 after completing evaluation)

Many throwing athletes wish to return for additional visits as their individualized programs progress. Follow-up visits will provide:

  • Monitoring of current home exercise program for proper performance
  • Progression of an athlete’s exercises to include more advanced exercises if necessary and appropriate once initial exercises are mastered
  • Continued education and correction of mechanical throwing faults to create muscle memory   

Am I — or is my child — appropriate for this program?

Providing a throwing athlete with efficient and proper throwing mechanics can help anyone at any age  avoid potential injury and maximize throwing performance.  Correction of mechanical faults can help build a foundation by developing muscle memory which can help a throwing athlete for years to come.

If an athlete currently has an injury related to throwing, it is recommended that they see a physician first before proceeding with a throwing program.  A physician may wish to pursue Physical therapy or other appropriate treatment prior to starting a throwing program.

Will insurance cover this?

No, this is a sports performance program that is for throwing athletes who do not have a current throwing injury and are looking to optimize their performance.

If an athlete has a throwing injury, he/she will need to pursue a physician order to start Physical Therapy which is generally covered by most insurance plans.

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