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Running/gait analysis

Take the opportunity to improve your distance-running mechanics by utilizing a state of the art gait analysis system, Medical Motion. A physical therapist will evaluate and identify your running stride and help correct any concerns that are diagnosed.

Why do I need a gait analysis?

Having a comprehensive gait analysis can help to identify areas of weakness to avoid overuse injuries. Understanding running form can also help you to be a more efficient runner. Whether you are training for a 5K or marathon, it is important to work on your running form in order to stay healthy and compete at your best.

How is your gait analysis different from a running store?

Our gait analysis is performed by a licensed physical therapist and includes detailed examination of not only the foot and ankle, but hips, back and upper body as well. Breakdown of gait can result from weakness anywhere in the body, so simply looking at the foot and ankle does not give a complete picture. Our analysis also includes a physical assessment so you know how to improve your form and perform exercises for best results.

The Medical Motion system allows the therapists to measure the patient’s body movements, body mechanics and muscle activity. As the patient walks or runs on a treadmill, three synchronized video cameras will be used to identify mechanical imperfections and make corrections to minimize stress on the individual's body.

What is included in a gait analysis?

  • Review of pertinent medical history.
  • Postural assessment.
  • Gait analysis with education on running form both barefoot and with shoes.
  • Physical evaluation for strength and mobility.
  • Education on footwear.
  • Personalized exercises to improve performance and prevent injury.

How long does it take and what should I bring?

The assessment takes 1.5 hours but will only require running for a total of one to two minutes. Wear tight-fitting clothing of light color, including socks, so your movements can be easily observed on camera. Also, bring your current running shoes and an old pair to compare wear patterns. If you have long hair, please tie it back.

What does it cost?

If you do not have a current injury, you can schedule an appointment for $150. You may also want to schedule a follow-up to see if your gait has improved or to progress your exercises. The follow-up costs $80 for a 45-minute session. If you have an injury, we recommend seeing your doctor first, then coming to physical therapy with a referral. We will bill your insurance and include the gait analysis in your treatment.