Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging

Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging

Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging makes the imaging experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging offers women a comprehensive range of imaging, biopsy and nursing services, including 3D mammograms, breast ultrasound and breast MRI, bone density assessment, breast biopsy and resources for breast cancer patients.

Our Imaging Services Include:

  • 3D mammography
  • Walk-in screening mammograms (8:00 am to 3:00 p.m. M-F)
  • Same day results
  • Same day services, including additional imaging and biopsy, if needed
  • Pathology results personally called to the patient by radiology
  • Second opinion consultation
  • Friendly staff and highly skilled technologists
  • Easy access and parking

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Is 3D Mammography for Me?

3D mammograms provide the best opportunity to catch breast cancer at its earliest stage when treatment is most effective, according to Amy Patel, M.D., Medical Director of Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging and fellowship-trained breast radiologist.

"Multiple studies show an increase in breast cancer detection rates with 3D mammography, especially for women with dense breast tissue," Dr. Patel explained. "We can scroll through the patient's breast tissue images in 1-millimeter slices, looking very carefully for anything that might require further testing."

The 3D mammographic technology also has reduced the need to call patients back for additional views to evaluate suspicious areas seen on the initial exam. Thais because with the 3D imaging technology, oftentimes the radiologist can determine if the mammographic finding of concern Is normal over-lapping breast tissue. Whereas with 2D mammography, the finding may mimic a mass, which may require further testing and evaluation.

Screening Exams Available:

  • Mammogram (patients do not need a doctor’s order).
  • Ultrasound and Breast MRI (at the discretion of your doctor)
  • Bone Density

If further testing is needed, we also can perform the following tests:

Who Reads My Mammogram?

Amy Patel, M.D., a fellowship-trained breast radiologist, interprets the majority of mammograms at Women's Imaging. She is part of a team from Alliance Radiology who provides this service:

Second Opinion

If you started your breast care journey at another facility, our fellowship-trained breast radiologist Dr. Amy Patel is available to review your imaging and provide a second opinion. Just tell your doctor you want a second opinion and your doctor will request a formal consult.

High-Quality Imaging Services

Almost everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer - a wife, mother, sister, aunt or friend. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will face a be cancer diagnosis in her life. Because the impact of breast cancer has become so widespread, Liberty Hospital is committed to offering women in the Northland highest quality care and imaging services.

"With the addition of a board-certified, fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologist and the only fellowship-trained breast surgeon in the Northland, were taking breast care at Liberty Hospital to the next level," said Amy Mathis, RTRM, manager, Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging.

This dedicated team includes Amy Patel, M.D., breast radiologist and medical director of breast imaging at Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging; Elizabeth Butler, D.O., breast surgeon with the Saint Luke's Cancer Institute at Liberty Hospital; and Ashley Mayes, RN., BSN, nurse navigator, Women's Imaging.

"We're very fortunate to have Drs. Patel and Butler at Liberty Hospital," Amy said. “They both have Northland roots and wanted to practice in this community, but they performed their fellowships at Ivy league academic medical centers where they received the highest level of training. Now they are bringing their expertise back to Liberty to be sure our patients receive that same standard of care.”

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Listen to Dr. Amy Patel's radio interview about 3D mammograms and breast cancer awareness and treatment.

Breast Cancer Resources

In addition to the exceptional service offered at Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging, the following resources may be helpful:

Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging

Introducing comprehensive breast care and imaging services in the Northland! Featuring (from left) Ashley Mayes, R.N., BSN, nurse navigator; Dr. Elizabeth Butler, a fellowship-trained breast surgeon; and Dr. Amy Patel, a fellowship-trained breast radiologist and medical director of Liberty Hospital Women's Imaging.

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